#ShesGotSoleXO: Raven


When I first launched #ShesGotSoleXO, the goal for this movement was to start locally and slowly find fly gals outside the Canadian border. The best part about being a blogger is being able to interact with all kinds of influencers around the world in the flesh and also on Instagram. I remember waking up to go to work and being glued to my phone for Off-White’s creative designer, Virgil Abloh, was releasing ‘The Ten” collection in collaboration with Nike. Abloh took ten Nike classics  (Jordan 1, Air Presto, Air Max 90, Air Force 1, Air VaporMax, Hyperdunk, Zoom, Vaporfly,  Blazer and Air Max 97) and reconstructed the design. Let’s just say that it was the day that sneakerheads lost their shit. I didn’t end up coppin anything from the collection for I posted a photo of the Jordan 1 that Abloh had reconstructed with the letter L covering it. I wasn’t mad for I ended up coppin the Roc-A-Fella Air Force 1’s =) I noticed on my list of Instagram story watchers, a gal by the name @ravensorvino was tuning in. I clicked on her profile and my jaw dropped and lemme tell you why… 

Her name is Raven Sorvino. Her name in her Instagram bio is Anna Dope and you’ll definitely know why by scrolling through her profile. Her blog Out Here Girls has allowed Raven to travel the globe and meet fashion influencers like Don C, Heron Preston, Virgil Abloh and Bella Hadid. She does it so effortlessly while a pair of fresh high-end kicks bless her feet. Whether it be a pair of black Off-White Vapormax sneakers  or a C on both sides like Chanel, Raven’s presence and sneakers is what helps make her mark wherever she goes. I stumbled across Raven’s Instagram page and instantly became enamoured by not only her vibrant street style, but how her style correlates to her blog. She started her blog Out Here Girls in dedication to women making waves in areas of fashion, travelling and lifestyle. And believe me when I say that Raven is out here for her blog has given her the opportunity to travel to Fashion Week in New York, Paris and London. I became so inspired by how Raven lives her life so unapologetically and it serves as a reminder to get out and see what the world has to offer, no matter how much it scares you. I was also inspired by her vibrant style for mixing colors and patterns with fresh sneakers is no stranger to her. I had the pleasure of talking to Raven via DM and we had lit talks about sneakers, travelling and how she got her start with Out Here Girls. She was even kind enough to look out for a pair of Off-White Air Force 1’s for me since I had no luck snagging a pair. I didn’t cop em obviously but the fact that she went out of her way proves that not only is she the plug, but she is willing to lend a helping hand to women tryna get their wave up. I couldn’t do a #ShesGotSoleXO feature and not have her be a part of it for her sneakers has helped her leave her mark all over the globe. Raven, you out here girl! 


Where were you born? 

I was born in southern California. At the age of three in a half going on four my parents separated and my father took me to Richmond Texas where I spent the majority of my childhood. With my Mother still living in Southern California I was always going back and forth. Currently all grown up and living in Leimert Park/ Los Angeles California.

What were the first pair of sneakers that you bought? 

My first pair of sneakers I bought I would say was a pair of Jordan’s. Ummm maybe retro 1’s The Banned black – red I still have them BTW. But honestly this a hard question because I’ve bought so many sneakers it’s out of control. I have Jordan’s in my closet that will never see the light of day. I have three closet in my house filled with sneakers.


At what point did you know that you wanted to become a blogger?

As of February 2016 I went to fashion week in New York, London and Paris for the first time ever. I was so Mesmerized by the fashion industry and the energy of being at a fashion shows. It was electrifying honestly like I just fell love with the idea of attending fashion shows something I dreamed about and now I was finally doing it. I knew in that industry for people to take me serious I needed a blog and not only to impress PR‘s that do all the invitations for the fashion events but a platform where I could document my journeys and where the audience can see through my eyes and experience what I’m experiencing so what better place to do that is to start my own blog. Out Here Girls which was originally my music entertainment company but not necessarily official. Not till 2017 I made it officially a legit business on paper work. Now a LLC. Gotta pay them taxes now kid! 

What does Out Here Girls mean to you?

Out Here Girls means to me, girl power. For me personally ,“Black Girl Magic” for I’m a black woman traveling around the world, owning my own company and bossing up and making whatever I want to happen. Happen without degrading myself or compromising my integrity. I hope I inspire all women to follow their dreams and become powerful women and do it with dignity and respect. Whatever your lane may be, I’m not one to judge. But just don’t tear down others to get to where you want to be.




When you started Out Here Girls, what was your goal? Has it changed since you started your platform?

I would say I’m more confident, risky and brave. I’m not afraid to go out there on my own and get it. I mean I’ve always been a go-getter but this is a whole new field for me and I’m progressing very fast. I’m thankful. It’s truly a blessing but I still have a lot more work to do. This is just the beginning.

What is your day to day regime and how do sneakers play a role into that?

When I’m home In Los Angeles I’m very true to my diet. I’m at Trader Joe’s every week. I love cooking my own food. I’m a seafood lover. I don’t eat red or white meat and Definitely No pork on my folk. I work out about four to five times out the week. Anywhere for a hour to four hours a day. And I love going shopping. As for sneakers I have to be cozy as of last year I have gotten really interested in collecting high fashion sneakers. Prada, Chanel, LV, and Gucci. I’m spending almost a rack or a rack on sneakers now. It’s out of control. I need to buy a car or house. Uggggg… But I honestly have an addiction. I need my high fashion sneakers to complete my attire.


Do you think women are misrepresented when it comes to sneaker culture?

No I don’t think so because you have platforms like Hypebae, Hypebeast, Basement Approved and Highsnobiety that display beautiful women in sneakers. I love going on Instagram and seeing that. It’s inspiring to me and I see they pick women from around the world and it doesn’t look like it’s all about politics. Seems like the post are very organic. I appreciate that! I just need them to post me more often, I’m working on that!

Since starting Out Here Girls, what are some obstacles that you faced as a creative influencer, and how did you overcome them?

I knew this was going to be very challenging and I have to pay attention to everything a lot more especially on social media. I have to be up on everything or even ahead. It’s frustrating because it takes a lot out of me, it’s becoming the biggest part of my life. As if my life depends on social media now. I try to stay positive and not get discourage, you can easily get caught up with trying to Keep up with the Joneses.


What can the sneaker community do to ensure that women are included in the culture?

I don’t feel like we are left out when it comes to sneaker culture. Every time I look up I see female models in sneakers and the media embracing it. I also see Nike and Foot Locker hosting events for women to come together and show unity in the sneaker culture.

Who inspires you? 

Aaliyah! Her style still to this day is incredible, you can’t deny it!


What can we expect from you and Out Here Girls in 2018? 

More travels, more fashion shows, more style, more swag and I’m working on starting my YouTube channel so there will be more edited visuals. And hopefully TV commercials and movies. I go to the movies once a week when I’m not travelling. That’s something I enjoy. I hope to see myself on the big screen soon. That’s my ultimate dream. That’s my biggest goal. And get Out Here Girls affiliated with Oprah somehow someway.

Where to find Raven:

Instagram: @ravensorvino

Twitter: @OutHereGirls

Website: www.outheregirls.com 


Camille created this blog to document her experiences whether it be through her street style, travel destinations and creative collaborations. Growing up, Camille came in contact with many insecurities and was afraid to show who she was to the world. Since starting this blog, she is able to empower not only herself but those around her. Whether it be her vibrant street style, places she travels to and creative projects she takes on, this blog is a visual documentation of her experiences. She hopes to provide readers with more visual content plus inspire young creatives to style style their lives to the fullest! For all business inquiries and creative collaborations, please email Camille at camilleanwuli@gmail.com.

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