Black Fits + Importance of Optimism


Black Excellence, Opulence, Decadence…. Optimism?

That line inspired the title of this blog post for I stared at the screen for 10 minutes trying to come up with something prior. Shoutout to HOV for that one. I hope that you’re all doing well wherever you are and that your 2018 was filled with joy, lessons learned, and endless slayage! Here I am presenting you with my last blog post of 2018 and honestly ya’ll, 2018 was a year full of mental growth and adulting… in the best way possible.

With December being the last month of the year, we tend to get those last minute goals in while jump- starting into new ones before the clock hits midnight. This year was definitely my most life-changing year for it was a roller coaster and I managed to hang on this time without losing my cool (and my wig).  From moving into a condo, starting a Youtube channel, making new mistakes, dodging old ones and trying to remain optimistic even through tough times. The way you react will determine the type of blessing you’ll receive. Okay, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve lost my cool a couple of times on situations that can easily be fixed and honestly, it makes a deeper hole to climb out of but at the same time it feels good getting out of it eventually. Acknowledging what I’ve done wrong whether in that situation or in the past has allowed me to move forward and continue to remain optimistic even about things I’m uncertain of. Instead of saying a situation is impossible, say that it’s challenging. Challenging means that it will be hard, but you’ll get through it even if you fall down a few times. I encourage you all to be less hard on yourselves in the coming new year and no matter what you’re dealing with, it happened to you for a reason.

When I glance at this look, I think of a melanated version of Trinity who is about to do a track with Aaliyah and SWV. From the vintage Chanel frames, thrifted leather jacket right down to the Dr. Martens boots. Just imagine that album cover! Yeah, I’ll be stuck in the 90’s forever. #SorryNotSorry


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Crop Top: Aritzia

Pants: I AM GIA Cobain Pants 

Leather Trench Coat: Thrifted

Sunglasses: Chanel

Gold Chain Belt: Thrifted

Combat Boots: Dr. Martens

Photos by Emily Welz ❤ 


Camille created this blog to document her experiences whether it be through her street style, travel destinations and creative collaborations. Growing up, Camille came in contact with many insecurities and was afraid to show who she was to the world. Since starting this blog, she is able to empower not only herself but those around her. Whether it be her vibrant street style, places she travels to and creative projects she takes on, this blog is a visual documentation of her experiences. She hopes to provide readers with more visual content plus inspire young creatives to style style their lives to the fullest! For all business inquiries and creative collaborations, please email Camille at

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